November 2021 Update

When I wrote my last post about how I was going to return to my normal writing schedule, I had forgotten to take into account the time I would need to spend for my law school applications. I am almost done with them now, though! Just 5 left, as of this writing. Hopefully, afterwards, I’ll… Continue reading November 2021 Update

A Quick Update (Oct)

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been busy for the past few weeks (mainly because of the LSAT), and now that I’m done and on a good pace for law school apps, I will be going back to my schedule. Or at least, will try to post something here more frequently.… Continue reading A Quick Update (Oct)

A Badass Moment in History From Gombrich

I am currently reading a book called A Little History of the World by E. H. Gombrich and loving it so far. One episode, in particular, captured my attention and I wanted to share it here to give it some justice. Let’s go back. Way, way back. Sparta, a Greek state, wins the Peloponnesian War… Continue reading A Badass Moment in History From Gombrich

The Appeal of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism

First post! For this one, I wanted to talk about why I deleted all of my social media accounts—people usually ask about this when they find out, and every time I try to answer, I struggle to capture in words my motivation for doing what I did. Since my motivation is deeply rooted in Cal… Continue reading The Appeal of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism